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Update, 2012
In 2011 I met a beautiful christen lady and we were married in October of 2012. In the future we plan to continue to do mission work together. God has truly blessed me to give me true love twice in one lifetime.

November, 2009

I am 67 and single after my wife passed on to God’s house in June of 2009. Her and I discussed what our futures might bring if one of us passed away. One of my many pleasures was to serve the Lord through helping our church (Church of the Nazarene) and participating in Work and Witness trips. This blog is my record of each of my mission trips as I  remember them. My hope is that if I make a mistake or misrepresent some of my adventures you will forgive me as I will do the best I can to ensure their accuracy.

Please feel free to comment on any of my blogs and may God bless you all.

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