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Nepal, 2016, Part Three

April 18, 2017

Today it is back to work laying bricks for the new Church of the Nazarene in Dhangadhi, Nepal. We start off with a walk to the job site where we see many sights that are strange to us but common here in Nepal.

Local vegetables for sale

Local vegetables for sale

Each day we arrive at the job site we find new people who come to help. As we do not speak the language we communicate with a smile and a hand shake. Everyone seems to know what to do so we pitch in to help and continue to see the wall get higher as the day progresses.

The wall continues to grow

The wall continues to grow


The local workers start adding door and window frames to the wall

Nepal is a country where most people are Hindus or Buddhist, but there is a growing Christian population in the country. In or near the town of Dhangadhi in western Nepal a missionary from India came a few years ago showing the Jesus film. As a result,  and from other showings of the film there are now 15 Nazarene Churches in this region of the country. Most of the churches, like the one we are helping build,  are currently house churches.

As the walls continue to rise we are in need of scaffolding to be able to reach the top of the wall. The next day when we arrive at the site we find materials have been rented to build the scaffolding. It consists of bamboo poles and sheet metal to walk on to be tied together with rope.


Material for building Scaffolding to stand on


The Scaffolding starts to take shape


We are finishing up the week and preparing for the weekend. In Nepal, the day off from work throughout the country is Saturday. As a result, church groups meet on Saturday when people are free from work and able to attend. After the day’s work we returned to the Hotel for supper and a good night’s sleep before church tomorrow. Following supper we meet for devotions and are able to reflect on the day’s work.

We have found that the people we meet are always polite and friendly and most of all they seem happy and make us welcome. The more we get to know them we find that many of them know some English and begin to communicate with us making us feel at home here in Nepal.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to church services at the pastor’s house and some sightseeing around the city of Dhangadhi.

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