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Costa Rica, 2014, Day Seven

September 9, 2014

We were up and had breakfast of bananas, pancakes, fruit and cereal. We packed up our vacation Bible School supplies and our clown suites and were off to the Barrio Mexico in San Jose. Here we went to the local community public school. Here we met Pastor Leyla from the Nazarene Church, school Superintend Mario and the Nazarene District Superintendent for Costa Rica North, Johnny.

We all dressed in our clown suites and practiced the songs and dances for the Vacation Bible School (VBS) we were to conduct for the students. We were also joined by a professional clown who was dedicated to helping young people hear the story of salvation.

Getting ready for VBS

Getting ready for VBS

As the students stare arriving is groups it is evident that they are loving children open for hugs and ready to listen to whatever we have to share with them. The smaller children came in running and gathered around us and hugged up like a long-lost friend.

The children joining us for VBS

The children joining us for VBS

The children from kindergarten to sixth grade all come to hear our presentation in groups, there were a total of over 250 children in all and they all seemed to have a good time. The class started out with some recorded songs all in Spanish. We all danced to the music and taught the children to moves so they could join us.

Teaching the dance moves to the children

Teaching the dance moves to the children

After the music and dancing was done each of the classes got to see a puppet show with the team about a boy who went to Africa and shared the story of Jesus with another boy he met there.

Puppet show

After the puppet show and a show put on by the clown, the children were given the salvation message by Pastora Leyla and here assistant. The message was concluded with a prayer for the children.

Pastora Leyla with here assistant presentation the salvation message of Jesus Christ

Pastora Leyla with here assistant presentation the salvation message of Jesus Christ

After the end of the message and prayer each of the teams were given a craft kit to make a salvation bracelet as a project. The message of the beads on the bracelet depict the journey to Christ.

Salvation bracelet's

Salvation bracelet’s

The children then all shared a snack and drink before being released to return to class. each of the younger children was given a stuffed animal as a parting gift and the older children were given a New Testament in Spanish to take home for their family.

What a great day it was to see the joy on the faces of the children as they participated in the Vacation Bible School for a few hours. We were served a great lunch in the school cafeteria and concluded out visit by distributing school supply packages to each of the teachers in the school. Supplies are in short supply in the school  so the  packages were greatly appreciated by the teachers. They said this would be a great help to allow them to better present material to the children and allowing them to better participate in the studies.

After the VBS was over we climbed back on the bus and headed back to Seminary where we will be working for the next few days. They have a number of projects they have started and need help completing. We well all pitch in to try to help with the projects.

After the evening meal the women were all asked to participate in a new ministry.  It was called “the flip-flop”  ministry and away the women went to a small “house church”  in the Los Angeles Barrio, taking with them two suitcases of flip-flops! The event of the evening was to decorate flip-flops by tying brightly colored  balloons along the straps then sniping them to look like flowers!!  Each woman or young girl present was able to choose a pair of flip-flops and use her own creativity to make the attractive footwear.  Missionary, Shelly Webb, gave an inspiring devotional using the Bible verse from Isaiah 52:7, “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation”.  She shared how our feet, one of the lowliest parts of our bodies, can be used to “carry” us to those who are hungry for the good news of salvation.  Following the devotional, the church ladies served a delicious “snack” of tortillas stuffed with meat, a cabbage salad and beverages.  Even though the language barrier was difficult for those on the Team,  smiles and hugs and the presence of the Holy Spirit in the room united the ladies together.


Flip-Flop Ministry

Flip-Flop Ministry

All in all it was a blessed day for us and the whole team from West Virginia.




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