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Costa Rica, 2014, Day One

April 14, 2014

Through the Church of the Nazarene we participate in projects utilizing their Work and Witness program. The Nazarene website describes the program this way, “Over 150,000 people have been mobilized through Work & Witness since its beginning in 1974. Resulting in more than 5000 years of donated labor worldwide. Work & Witness teams go to every region of the world and partner with local churches in construction projects, technical needs, evangelism and compassionate ministries.”

For my wife and I, it’s off to Costa Rica where we are meeting a team from the Pierpoint Church of the Nazarene from Morgantown, West Virginia. We are flying from Phoenix, Arizona to Huston Texas and then on to San Jose, Costa Rica and will arrive five or six hours ahead of the team. Bruce, one of the missionaries from Costa Rica met us at the airport and take us to the Seminary of the Americas in the Guadalupe district of San Jose to wait for the rest of the team. We will return to the airport to pick up the rest of the team and then go on to Le Finka or The Farm which is  the site of a new church that is being built. This will be the largest Nazarene Church in Costa Rica when finished. The Church site is near a volcanic mountain named Poas in the beautiful Costa Rica mountains.

The beautiful Costa Rica mountain view from the Church site.

The beautiful Costa Rica mountain view from the Church site.

The Church is over half way constructed and our team will try to further the construction in the time we are here. There are some dormitories on the church site where we will be staying providing comfortable accommodations for the whole team.

Our living quarters.

Our living quarters.

The new Church of the Nazarene

The new Church of the Nazarene

We arrived in the evening and it was off to bed to catch up on some sleep after an early departure and very little sleep last night. We were all blessed with safe travel and our first opportunity to meet with the team from West Virginia.


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