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South Africa a poem

January 27, 2014

After returning from South Africa and pondering the events there it came to me in a poem that will continually remind me of Gods presence wherever I go. Forgive me for the length but I have no control once I get started.

                       South Africa

We come to Africa me and you
To serve a God who loves us true
And hope his hand will guide us through

The team is from here and there
Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan fair
Arizona and there’s a Canadian here

From Chicago to DC we flew
Then to Dakar over the ocean blue
To Johannesburg with all our crew

We meet the missionaries who’ll be our glue
We start with prayer to honor You
And discuss the work we hope to do

With Nazarenes the place we trod
A School to teach the word of God
Needs fixing up from roof to sod

It’s up at six to start the pace
We’ve only five days to finish the race
To fix the fence and secure the place

For cooking and laundry there is a crew
Some with brushes painting color true
And odd jobs here that we must do

As students of God watch and see
Us toil and laugh and are friendly
An example of Christ we hope to be

We attend a service and watch them pray
They give their hearts in every way
Their love for Christ, it must stay

The people here they pray and speak
To honor Him! And their not meek
Their dedication makes me feel weak

With other things we wish to do
Are time is short, it makes us blue
We know this work is meant for You

We spend Sunday morning with the God we adore
Then we’re off to eat at the Carnivore
A menu with African animals galore

The work is done; it’s time for fun
To see South Africa we’re on the run
It’s on safari without a gun

Up at three with luggage to stow
We stop for gas with trailer in tow
Off to Blyde River Canyon we go

Third largest canyon in the world
A lake at the bottom where water swirled
The market at the top where we could shop

With cameras poised for sights to see
We travel through the open country
Where lions and zebras we hope will be

We reach the game park just in time
To unload our bags and then we dine
And have a nap to settle our mind

Then we load up on big trucks
It’s through the park we go with struts
To see some animals and big bucks

We see too many to know their name
The lions with their giant main
And antelope too wild to tame

The meals are big and are so filling
Then there is tea and snacks if willing
We feel a lot like we’ve been swilling

Then it’s off to take a boat ride
At the bottom of the canyon Blyde
We see the lake and all of its pride

Back to the park with more big trucks
There’s rhino, hippo and even ducks
Elephants, Zebra, Monkeys and more
Buffalo, Warthog’s and Antelope galore
More bird’s than you could count and store

God’s work is here in all of its splendor
With animals together like a big blender
The world is filled with all His wonder

We find we have something more in store
The Lord has blessed us with friends we adore
It’s like we have brothers and sisters galore

It’s off to home we know we must go
Leave South Africa with all of its glow
Thanks to the Lord his blessings we know

Lee C. Stevens, Rev. 1

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