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Oklahoma City, 2013, Part one

October 16, 2013

It’s another adventure to see what God has in store for me this time. We are all loaded up and ready to leave for Oklahoma at 4 AM on Saturday morning. This is a trip with a group sponsored by the Free Methodius Church from the town of Williamston, Michigan. We will be hosted by the Midwest City, Oklahoma, Free Methodius Church. Our goal is to help some people in need due to circumstances beyond their control from storms and tornado’s in the Oklahoma City area.

Our team

Our team

A friend of our team leader has loaned us a trailer full of tools to take to Oklahoma with us so we don’t have to haul a bunch of tools of our own. I will only take a small bag of hand tools and a power drill and rely on the tool trailer for the rest of our needs. The trip is about a thousand miles but ends up taking us about twenty-two hours because of construction and many stops for gas and food. We make it safely and moved into our housing provided by the Church of the Harvest. This facility is used for disaster relief in central and western Oklahoma


Stores of disaster relief donations


Our facilities for the week

. ??????????

We arrive late Saturday night and get a few hours sleep. Once up we go out for breakfast and then off to our host church in Midwest city.

?????????? ??????????

After church services we were treated to a pot luck lunch by the people from the church. Once we finished this we were able to visit a couple of the project houses we will be working on. In the first house the daughter was living in a room converted from a garage and has to share the room with the laundry and no door for privacy. The fence along the side of the house was falling down and the city had ordered it removed. Some other small projects were also needed to be done.

Fence to be romoved

Fence to be removed

A partition to be added to separate the bedroom from the laundry

A partition to be added to separate the bedroom from the laundry

After visiting that house we were taken to a second home south of the city to look at some needs of a school teacher and her mother who lived next door. There was a lot of water damage around windows that needed repaired and a lot of the siding was broken or gone. The roof had been replaced to fix the leaks and now repairs from the water damage were needed.


Water damage

Water damage

After we looked at the house it was back to town for supper. Some of the people wanted barbecue for supper so we drove around and found Billy Sims barbecue restaurant. (for those of you that are football fans the name may ring a bell) Billy Sims is a former University of Oklahoma college football player and was a running back for the Detroit Lions in the National Football League for five seasons during the 1980s.

Billy Sims Barbeque Restaurant

Billy Sims Barbeque Restaurant

A great ending to a Sunday in Oklahoma.

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  1. October 17, 2013 9:05 am

    You truly are an answer to prayer. When we lived in Oklahoma we attended Edmund Churh of the Nazarene.

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