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Denmark 2013, Day Six

August 31, 2013

Today is a exploration day. After breakfast and devotions we are off to Sweden. Sounds like a long trip but in reality it is only about an hours drive from Copenhagen. We packed a bag lunch for the trip. We will visit the town of Malmo  and see some of the history of Sweden. Just a little history lesson here we find out that Norway, Denmark and Sweden were once ruled by the same kings and queens so many of the customs are common throughout Scandinavia. For instance the Lutheran religion is the national religion here as it is in Denmark.

To get to Sweden we must cross the Baltic Sea but it also turns out we can do that by road. There is a long tunnel (seams like miles) that comes up on a small island in the Baltic Sea and from there we go on a bridge and cross the rest of the sea.

Tunnel to Sweden

Tunnel to Sweden

Oresund Bridge to Sweden

Oresund Bridge to Sweden

Our first stop in Sweden is the Malmohus Castle. It was the first citadel built in Sweden by King Eric of Pomerania. It was build around 1434 with additions and updates made throughout the centuries. It is now a national historic site and a museum of Swedish history.

The oldest part of the castle with a moat

The oldest part of the citadel with a moat

Malmohus Castle

Malmohus Castle

In the 15th. century the citadel was used as a mint and in the sixteenth century the citadel was converted to a castle by King Frederick I. In the 17th. and 18th. centuries it was used as a prison. for captives and criminals. In the 20th. century the property was acquired by the city of Malmo and over many years restored and in the 1930’s turned into a museum.

A royal bed

A royal table

Beds were small but ornate

Beds were small but ornate

Prison 'Cells

Prison ‘Cells

After the visit to the citadel we all gathered in the castle’s surrounding park and ate the bag lunches we prepared this morning.

Lunch in the park

Lunch in the park

The city of Malmo is a vision of contrasts with the modern alongside the historic buildings that line the streets. We see a beautiful building in the downtown area called the HBS Turning Torso or what we called the  twisted tower, as we go into the old center of town to visit one of the old Lutheran churches near the city square. The church is St. Petri (St. Peter’s Church).

Cathedral Tower

Cathedral Tower

Lutheran Cathedral

St. Petri (St. Peter’s Church)

The twisted tower

HSB Turning Torso (The twisted tower)

The inside of St. Petri church is spectacular to say the least. Construction was started in the year 1319 and it is open to visitors today. St Peters is the oldest building in Malmö, the black limestone and sandstone pulpit was given to the church in 1599, and it is decorated with the story of Christ. The huge altar at the front of the church was completed in 1611. In the early years, the church floor was entirely covered in gravestones but most have been removed. It has a large pipe organ in the second floor balcony with a smaller one in the sanctuary. The ceiling in the tower was painted in the 1400’s


Tower ceiling painted in the 1400’s

Pipe organ and pupate

Pipe organ and pulpit

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary


The alter is part of the ornate décor inside the cathedral

The above photo’s just show a little of the beauty of the church. As we head back out of the city we see many other beautiful buildings Like the Malmo City Hall.


Malmo City Hall

Another day we feel we are blessed by the Lord as we fall asleep in our guest houses.

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