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Rwanda 2012, Part Six

January 30, 2013

Today we are still in Kigali, Rwanda, so we are going to visit some sites, eat lunch out and do some shopping. Our first stop is the Kigali Genocide Memorial. This is a sad chapter in the history of Rwanda. In 1994 there was a civil war between two factions in Rwanda. After Rwanda became independent there were two parties trying to get power to run the country;  this finally became a civil war in 1994 and in spite of many warnings by the United Nations which were not heeded, war broke out. When the president died in a plane crash in April 1994 the violence erupted which led to Genocide;  over 1,000,000 people were killed in a 100 day period. Almost all of the people living in Rwanda today lost a family member or know someone who was killed or wounded in the genocide.
This  left many fatherless families and hundreds of thousands of orphans as well as many families that were left to the oldest child to look after. Now Rwanda is still going through a healing process with a democratic government. But there is still some fear that the fighting in the Congo will spill over into Rwanda making for an uneasy situation for the residents there.
The Memorial Center in Kigali is a reminder that one must always be vigilant of the past so there can be prevention of  a similar situation  happening in the future.


The Genocide Memorial at Kigali

There are over 250.000 victims buried in a mass grave at the memorial site.

Mass Tombs at the memorial

Mass Tombs at the memorial

After shedding some tears and offering prayers for the survivors and the people of Rwanda, we left the memorial for  lunch. That evening we were invited to a gospel concert at the Christen Life Assembly Church in Kigali.

DSCN0794 DSCN0795

The concert feataured a band, two choirs and several singers and dancers. It was a wonderful concert with some songs in English, but many of the songs were familiar gospel tunes that we recognized even though the words were in the local language. We left at midnight and were told later the concert lasted until six the next morning. Their enthusiasm for the Lord is contagious and we all went away feeling we had been filled with the Holy Spirit.

This was a fitting end to another great day for the Lord in Rwanda.

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