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Rwanda 2012, Part Three

December 12, 2012

On the first day at the work site we worked in the morning and went to lunch. When we returned we heard thunder and asked if they thought it would rain. We were told it was not thunder but gunfire. The M23 rebels in the Congo had decided to attack the city of Goma near the border of Rwanda and we could hear the gunfire between the rebels and the Congolese government all afternoon. We were told to return to our hotel, for our safety, as some stray shells had landed in Rwanda and we were only about one mile from the border.

This was disappointing but we were obligated to follow the direction of the Church. We were told the field director of the Nazarene church would be contacted to get advise on what we should do. I am a US citizen and was advised by the US embassy in Kigali of the danger in the area and they were advising people not to travel to that part of the country. We were able to see some progress on the work site before we left to go back to the hotel.

The back wall of the Chapel starting to take shape

The back wall of the Chapel starting to take shape

We headed back to the Hotel La Corniche for the afternoon. We spent the afternoon listening to the continued fighting in Goma but we did have the time to tour the hotel grounds and see some of the beautiful flowers and trees in the campus.

Some of the local Beauty

Some of the local Beauty

Later that afternoon we were told the Field Director for the Nazarene Church had directed us to return to Kigali the next morning until they could determine if it was safe to go back to Gisenyi. We spent the rest of the evening packing for the trip back to the capital city first thing in the morning. A bus was arranged and it was decided that Adrian, one of the local missionaries from the US, would be going with us along with the pastors sons. Pastor Simon would come with us in his Auto to help with arrangements.

The trip back to Kagili

The trip back to Kigali


Were were offered rooms at the Nazarene Mission house in Kigali. When we arrived we were anxious to hear if we would be able to return to the work site in Gisenyi. Then we were told the Church of the Nazarene could not authorize our return at this time due to the danger near the border. So some discussion and planning began as we settled in to the Nazarene Mission House.

The Nazarene Mission House in Kilgali

The Nazarene Mission House in Kigali

We later learned that the rebels had taken over the city of Goma in the Congo and the government troops had left the area. What’s next, only God knows.

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  1. December 13, 2012 11:31 am

    Good grief! Keep your head down, and we wil be praying for you.


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