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Rwanda 2012, Part One

December 7, 2012

I am off again this time I will be joining a team from Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada for a Work and Witness mission trip to Gisenyi, Rwanda, Africa. This is in northern Rwanda on Lake Kivu near the Republic of the Congo. The following is a description of the project from the Nazarene website.

“The Child Development Center at Gisenyi Bridge Church of the Nazarene (Ndengera Foundation) takes care of 814 orphans. Support to orphans includes: health, nutrition, education, and discipleship. The foundation for a chapel has already been laid, but a team is needed to complete the chapel. The chapel will help disciple the orphans and can also be rented by other groups. The income from the rent will help better care for the orphans.”

So I am off  first flying from Detroit Michigan to Washington D.C. and then on to Brussels, Belgium. There I meet up with the team who flew from Montreal, Canada. After a three-hour layover and a meeting with the rest of the team (12 of us in all) we are off. We fly from Brussels to Kigali, Rwanda, the capital city where we will stay for the night in a guest house at the African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries (ALARM) Pastoral Training Center.

ALARM Guest house, Kigali, Rwanda

A.L.A.R.M. Guest house, Kigali, Rwanda

The next morning we were up and waiting for a bus to take us to Gisenyi where we will be staying for the balance of out trip. So it was time for a team picture in the beautiful tropical paradise.

Our team from Prince Edward Island (PEI) Canada

Our team from Prince Edward Island (PEI) Canada

Once the bus arrived we loaded up and were off on the four-hour ride from Kigali to Gisenyi. Kigali is a city built-in the mountains and the terrain we traveled was through a mountain range. The road was two lane paved and very good but was typical mountain road with many twists and turns. The scenery was spectacular with all of the tropical lush green of the hills and all of the teared gardens on the mountainside.

Land of a thousand hills, a view from a mountian pass

Land of a thousand hills, a view from a mountain pass

It seems that the local people have learned how to farm the land both in the valleys and on the mountains. Everywhere we passed, in the bus, there were fields under cultivation even on the steepest slopes.

Living and farming on a mountianside

Living and farming on a mountainside

As we traveled along the road from Kigali to Gisenyi we passed through many small town and saw some of the most beautiful green fields of tea in some of the valleys.

Tea fields in the valleys

Tea fields in the valleys

We made a quick stop in a small town and sampled some of the local pastries. They were fried shells stuffed with meat and potatoes called Sambusas. We enjoyed them along with a Fanta orange soda.



We finally arrived in Gisenyi in time for the end of the church service at the Bridge Church of the Nazarene. The sermon was provided by the Africa East Field coordinator, Don Gardner. We were also joined by the Rwanda missionary Spencer Baggott and our host for the project Pastor Simon Pierre Rwaramba. We enjoyed the sermon, a baptism and the great singing of the congregation.

The Bridge Church of the Nazarene, Gisenyi, Rwanda

The Bridge Church of the Nazarene, Gisenyi, Rwanda

After church we enjoyed a great meal and checked into our hotel near lake Kivu unloaded all of our luggage which consisted of tools, medical supplies for the clinic, vacation bible school supplies, a new water pump for the child development center, clothes and a lot of candy for the children. It was off to sleep to try to catch up on the sleep missed while spending two days traveling. Thank God for safe travel and the opportunity to do His work. This is like being in paradise with all of the beautiful flowers and palm trees at the hotel.

Hotel La Corniche in Gesinyi, Rwanda

Hotel La Corniche in Gisenyi, Rwanda

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