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Alaska 2012, Part Seven

September 4, 2012

It’s sunday morning, what a rush. We are up and getting ready for church service at the Two Rivers, Alaska, Church of the Nazarene. We were served a great breakfast by the ladies of the church and then treated to a great service by pastor Bob about the life of Peter, Titled: Peter’s Testimony.

Our Sunday morning service

A message about Peter

It was an interesting sermon about how Jesus loved Peter even though he denied Christ three times while he was being tried. After the service we all went to the downstairs dining area where the ladies of the church had put together a complete meal for both us and the parishioners. The meal was made up from Alaskan traditional dishes using meat grown locally.

Caribou anyone

How about Moose

After lunch were asked if we would like to visit Santa’s house at the North Pole. Everyone said yes but it seemed like a long trip to the North Pole. I thought it would be cold so I borrowed some winter gear for the trip.

Ready to go to the North Pole

It turns out that we were going to the town of North Pole, Alaska which is just down the road from here so we jumped in the busses and headed out. Sure enough when we got to the town of North Pole we saw santa standing next to his house.


And of course where santa is you will find his reindeer resting up for the long christmas journey.

Santa’s reindeer

I have been told that the Mosquito’s here are huge and bring plenty of bug repellant but when we saw this one we had to fight it off as best we could. Ha, Ha.

Wow! They really are big!

What a great sunday we have had, hearing the word of the Lord and seeing some of his creations while spending the day with good friends and fellow Christen’s.

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