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Alaskia 2012, Part Six

August 25, 2012

Today is up early to go to Denali National Park. This is one of the largest national parks in the united states with over six million acres. In addition to having the Alaska Mountain Range in the park it has Mt. McKinley which is the highest mountain in North America at 20,320 feet (6193 M.) tall.
We start at the north-west corner of the park after driving from Fairbanks through a beautiful valley following the Nenana River to the park entrance.

The Nenana River Valley

Denali National Park has many restrictions for tourists in order to maintain the park in its unspoiled natural state and so everyone can enjoy both the scenery and the wildlife that abounds in the park. We boarded tour busses which will take us on a senic tour of the park. The guides are trained to help us enjoy the sites and will stop the bus anytime there are wildlife sightings. With a bus load of spectators we were able to spot a lot of wildlife.

A mommy grizzly with her cubs

One of many caribou we saw

As we rolled down the 80 plus miles of wilderness road the scenery just kept getting better. In spite of the rain, off and on, we were all enjoying the trip. One of the rest stops was at the Toklat river where we got a great view of the Alaska Range.

The Toklat River

The Alaska Range

As we travel down the road the mountains get taller and many of then still have snow. We continue to see more wildlife and can see God’s work everywhere we look.

From the smallest in the woods

To the tallest on the mountain

We continue on to the Eielson Visitor Center in the middle of the park. Here we would have a view of the tallest mountain in North America if it were only clear. But as it turns out it was rainy and there were many clouds so we were unable to see Mt. McKinley. There were many other mountains and a lot of beautiful scenery to capture our attention.

The Alaska Range

Everywhere we stopped we were pleased by the bright colors of the wildflowers that seemed to grow most places. The flowers were mostly small but very beautiful.

Wild flowers

God’s work

The trip back to the park entrance provided us with continued amazement as more wildlife and grand views were everywhere.

New life abounds

It was a little dinner in Healy, Alaska some shopping and then the trip back to the cabins for a good nights sleep and time to contemplate what we have seen on this wonderful day hosted by our Lord, Jesus Christ.





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