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Alaska, Part Four

August 20, 2012

Now we are finished celebrating our Independence Day it is back to work at the Two Rivers, Alaska, Church of the Nazarene. With a four page list of things that need to be done around the church there is no shortage to tasks so the team split up into many small groups to attack the list.
Some of the team took on the many small tasks of painting different areas on the outside of the church and the parish house.

Painting the skirting around the church

Painting the nursery

Painting the well house

Painting the hall way in the church

Several of the ladies on the team took on the task of making new curtains for the church and a quilt to hang on the wall.

Making new curtains for the church

More curtains and a quilt

Other project were going on at the same time. There was a complete makeover of the nursery which included installation of a new window as well as painting and a new floor for the children.

Installing a new window in the nursery

There was some missing flashing on the roof of the perish house so another team took on the task of replacing it.

Replacing roof flashing

Each morning before we start work we took time to share our devotionals. This is an opportunity to get to know the people on the team and to see how the Lord is working in their lives. Many of the devotionals tugged at our hearts and brought us closer to God as we started out each day.

Pastor Bob sharing his morning devotional

Pastor Bob would also share with us some of the comments he was getting from the neighborhood people as well as other parishioners. People were pleased and amazed at the work that was being done and we all gave thanks to God for his grace.

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