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Alaska 2012, Part Two

August 11, 2012

We arrived at the church the next morning where breakfast was prepared by the women from the congregation. We all squeezed into the basement of the church where they had tables set up for us . The space was crowded for a group our size but we were all hungry and waiting to see what the tasks the church had in mind for us to do.

Biscuits and Gravy for breakfast

After breakfast we had devotions to thank the Lord for a safe journey and pray for his will to be done then a short meeting with the Pastor to review his list of projects. It turned out to be four pages long with the number one project to tear down the old handicap ramp and replace it with a new one. The old one was in bad shape with no roof to keep the snow and rain off. Along with that there were a number of window and doors to be replaced, rooms to be painted and many other small projects.

The old handicap ramp

We all split up into project groups and started on the list. Two of us were given the task to organize the tools to make sure everyone had the things they needed to do their job. We took over the pastors garage and set up some benches and sorted out all of the tools, nails, screws and other miscellaneous items so they would be easy for everyone to find. While in the garage I was given the task of installing new lights.

Installing new lights in the garage

The perish house porch needed painting so a team took on that project while yet another team took on the project of remodeling the kitchen.

Painting the perish house pourch

A team working on fixing and painting the kitchen walls in the Church

The ramp team was making great progress in removing the old ramp so construction could begin on a new one. Another team worked on replacing some missing flashing on the perish house roof.

Replacing missing flashing on the perish roof

Taking down the handicap ramp

A lot was done the first day and we all enjoyed the food prepared by the ladies of the church. It turned out that most of us brought sleeping bags that were too light to keep us worm at night as there was no heat in our cabins so Pastor Bob said he would ask the perish to lend us some blankets for the duration of out stay so it was back to camp for the evening for some rest and relaxation.

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