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Zambia, Part Eight

June 23, 2012

Now we’ve finished our work schedule on the Central Africa Training Center we have a couple of days to learn about Zambia. We’re off to the city of Livingstone on the southern border. We left at 5:30 AM and arrived in the afternoon. We had a great bus trip through the country side and over a small mountain pass. Most of the country that we saw was farming country and small villages.

Zambia country side and village

We arrived at the hotel in Livingstone and checked in before we were off to see the Zambezi river.

Our home for the night

Once we were all checked in for the night we were off for a cruse on the Zambezi river. The river separates Zambia and Zimbabwe And is inhabited with many Hippo’s and crocodiles. We were in for a treat as we left the dock we were served dinner on the way up the river and if we looked downstream we could see the mist from Victoria Falls.

Young Hippo’s playing in the river

In addition to many Hippo’s and crocodiles we saw many unusual birds as well.

What a fitting way to end the day floating down the Zambezi river at sunset.

Sunset on the Zambezi river

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  1. Greg & Marcia permalink
    June 24, 2012 9:48 pm

    incredible experiences you are having

    Thank you so much for sharing these posts.

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