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Zambia, Part Six

April 24, 2012

Our project helping build the Central Africa Training Center continues and progressing well. Any time you visit another country there are many things you encounter that are unexpected. Zambia is no exception you have to be prepared to depend on the local people to keep you safe as possible.  We continued to find surprises as we worked one of the women was removing old pieces of broke cement blocks when she turned up a small snake, it was immediately killed by one of the local people. When asked why he killed it he said it was a baby black mamba which can be deadly if you are bitten.

Small but deadly

A couple of days later one of the other women found another snake and it was killed as well. We were told it was a puff adder which can also be deadly.

Another unwanted friend

We also ran into some other unexpected creatures on the work site. Every day had some new surprises for us to see. Some of the people saw a group of monkeys  in the trees behind building while we continue to see some unusual things.

A millipedes about six inches long

More friends

We found lots of geckos everywhere we went, some outside and some in our rooms as well.

A guest in our bathroom

In spite of all of the distractions we can depend on Gods grace. It says in Proverbs 2:8 (NIV) ” for he guards the course of the just and protects the way of his faithful ones”

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