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Zambia, Part Three

January 31, 2012

While the team is working on the Central Nazarene Training Center some of the team members are planning a Vacation Bible School (VBS) for the children at the Chipongwe Church. The word had been sent around to the local villages that there would be VBS and we were hoping for a great turnout, but it rained and no one showed up at the scheduled time. After a while the rain quit and soon several children showed up. After a short time more came and they began to trickle in a few at a time until we had over fifty children. We were told that Zambia time is different from what we are used to. There are no deadlines or set time for events and usually things started when the people arrived.

Vacation Bible School

As the kids continued to arrive we started the activities. We sang songs with the children, There was a puppet show and puppets to sing along with the people. There were crafts to give the children something to do as well as having something to take home as a gift from the missionaries. This was a friday so some of the children that could not come were in school.

Crafts for the children attending VBS

Everyone had a good time as the children learned about God’s love and His Son’s sacrifice for their sake. Several of the mothers came as well with their children and babies.

Mothers attending VBS

We planned another session on Saturday in hopes that the children that were in school today could come. We were also told the word will spread from the children that came today and so we should expect more children tomorrow. It rained hard on Saturday but the children came in spite of the rain and by the time we started we have well over one hundred children.

Day two of VBS

Each session started and ended with prayer. What a blessing it is to see all of these children hearing the word of God. One of the local pastors joined us each day to interpret for the children that did not speak english. The hats the children are wearing were one of the crafts. They were given stickers to decorate them and all enjoyed hearing the stories and puppet show. Once the VBS was over all of the children lined up outside for a picture.

The local children

Witnessing to people when we travel on work and witness trips is always rewarding, but it’s back to work for us as we have only a few days to finish our project.

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