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Zambia, Part Two

January 30, 2012

The missionaries for Zambia and central Africa are Gary and Penney Sidle. They have three children, Lindsay, Alyssa and Josiah. They have been here living in Lusaka for ten years and will celebrate their tenth year in Zambia while we are here.

The Sidles

After getting familiar with the building and talking to the missionary and the construction coordinator we all split up in teams to do various tasks. Our first day on the site one of the first tasks to do on the Central Africa Training Center is to dig a ditch so the rain could drain and the walls could be finished and waterproofed.

Digging the ditch

We also had a group of people working on cleaning up the job site. There were many partial blocks and left over mortar in the halls and on the floors that needed to be cleaned up to make the work site safe and to repair for pouting cement in the hallway.

Cleaning up the work site

As we branch out to more projects several of the people are working with the construction coordinator Clement to determine what needs to be done to complete the roof to make it watertight.

Surveying the roof work that needs to be done

These are just some of the tasks to be done while we are here. Between visiting local villages and conducting a vacation bible school in the church for the local children we will be busy for out entire time here.

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