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Papua New Guinea, My Return, Part Four

November 13, 2011

Just to prove that missionaries are not all work and no play, I joined a group to play golf at the Mt. Hagen Golf Club. We had six of us, Dr. Jim, daughter Lydia, son Joe, missionaries Jason, Kevin and myself.  This is not the typical golf experience you might have at your local course.


 It turns out that this is a very nice 18 hole golf course. We arrived and there was a guard there to open the gate and let us in. The clubhouse was closed with no one there to collect our greens fees, they said stop by and pay next time you come around and someone is there. As soon as we parked we were surrounded with young boys who wanted to caddie for us. Dr. Jim negotiated a rate of five Kina (less than $2.50 US) per boy. After selecting six caddie he then hired two flag boys, at 4 kina each, as they do not leave flags on the course. They would run ahead of us and put the flag in the cup so we would know where it was then when we finished the hole he would run ahead to the next green.

Lydia With Her Caddie and Fans

We split up in two groups of three, Dr. Jim, I and Lydia followed the three boys. The caddies will do most anything to help you out. They will go find your ball and if you wish throw it back in the fairway, clean it after each hit and when they replace it on the grass they make sure it is teed up on a good tuft of grass. If you happen to hit the ball in the water one of the boys will strip off their clothes and dive in to retrieve the ball.

One of the Boys retrieving Lydia's Ball

The course was well-kept with good fairways and beautiful views. There were gardens beside the fairways in some places and several water holes to negotiate.

Dr. Jim and His Caddy

We had a great time playing and talking with the boys that caddied for us and the ones that followed us around. It rained a little on the last two holes but nobody seemed to care, we just played on. On the way home we stopped for chips, (French Fries) and soft drinks.

Heading up to the clubhouse after the last hole

Oh by the way the greens fee were under $5.00 US so the whole day was under $10.00, eat you heart out golfers.

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  1. November 15, 2011 12:16 pm

    I’m jealous for several reasons! First, It’s FREEZING here in Coldwater. Second, I don’t have a caddie EVER. Third; I miss golfing with you!

  2. Teagan White permalink
    March 10, 2012 10:53 am

    I am working on a presentation about Papua New Guinea for one of my classes. I have been asked to prove if either the world changed my country or my country changed the world. I have chosen the latter and decided to mostly focus on Christianity’s influence on the country. Did you ever talk to the people about what life is like for those living in the Southern part of the country, near the capital? I understand it is MUCH more dangerous there and only the rich can afford what we would consider sufficient living. What is it like for the missionaries there?

  3. April 12, 2012 10:46 am


    I am sorry if I did not resopnd to your message but I have been traveling and missed your message for some time. I am unable to help you with the sonthern part of the country as I only passed through Port Morsby and spent only one day there. I spent most of my time in Mt. Hagen which in the western Highlands and a little time on the north coase of the country. If there are some questions I can answer about the region I was in please let me know.
    Again I am sorry for the delay in my answer.


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