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The Philippines Day 11, The End

November 11, 2011

Today the team from Chicago Heights Church of the Nazarene start their journey home. They will spend one day in Hong Kong on the journey home. As for me I will be here one more day waiting for my flight to Papua New Guinea. I will be working in the maintenance department at Kudjip Nazarene Hospital in the Western Highlands province, near Mt. Hagen. If you would like to read about that just tune in to the Papua New Guinea part of my blog.

I spent today working with Jason the Missionary who is heading up the project to get the Cobb Worship Center finished. We sorted out tools and reorganized the new storage area that housed all of the tool for future work and witness teams coming to help with the construction.

Cobb Center Before We Started

 Notice the pile of sheet rock in the before picture verses the pile in the second picture.

Cobb Center After

One crew worked on taping and plastering seam’s the whole time we were here. Others helped as they were available and had time out from their other tasks.

Temporary Storage Area, Before

There was a temporary storage area that needed to be removed. After removal of the walls and all of the tools were moved to the new tool storage area built in the New Life Mission Center, this would make room for sunday school classrooms.

After removal of walls

 Hanging drywall was one of the most strenuous jobs especially when it was on top of twenty-foot high scaffolding.

When We Arrived

 It’s hard to show the extent of the work done because a lot of it was back behind the existing walls.


 Jason was nice enough to give me a tour of one the neighborhood communities neat the seminary. Everyone we met were friendly and gave us nice hello’s and greetings as we passed by.

The Local Neighborhood

 I was able to attend morning devotionals with some of the staff and visitors and then it was off to the airport for me. Jason, Karen and the girls drove me there in spite of rush hour traffic. It was a fond good-by and I was off th Papua New Guinea.
To me it seamed like another successful mission done for our Lord. We not only did a lot of work at APNTS but we met a lot of great people both at the seminary and at the Nazarene Church on Palawan Island. Some of the team were able to minister to the local children with bible school activities and we hope we were able to set a good example of Christ like behaviour to all of the people we met.
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  1. November 12, 2011 10:26 am

    It’s going to be gorgeous when it’s finished. When do they think it will be completed???

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