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The Philippines, Day 10

November 6, 2011

After breakfast this morning Dr. Cunningham the APNTS President told us about a project the seminary has been involved in. They are working with communities to try to reduce the mosquito  population in the area. This is necessary because the mosquitoes carry something called Dengue Fever. This is an illness that makes people have a fever with stomach pain and intestinal problems and many times it requires hospitalization and antibiotics to cure to problem. It can even cause death is some people. This Dengue project is supported by Korea and they also use the training seminars developed in Papua New Guinea to teach people to have better hygiene. We were each given a t-shirt that says Tepok da Lamok (this means kill the mosquito )

Kill the Mosquito

Today we had a special treat of having Chapel at ten thirty where the featured speaker was Dr, Brian Wilson, District Superintend of the Chicago District of the Nazarene Church. Dr. Wilson gave a sermon on the five fingers of grace.

  1. Pervasive Grace – Something we get from birth from God that goes before us wherever we go.
  2. Saving Grace – We are all sinners and need his saving grace thanks to His blood on the cross.
  3. Sanctifying Grace – God gives us this to help us live a holy life.
  4. Sustaining Grace – Continuing growth in grace allows us to resist sin.
  5. Glorifying Grace – When we join Him in heaven.


Dr. Brian Wilson

Our guests for lunch were Jeff and Katie from northern Indiana, USA. They went to Korea to teach english but found they could not continue their education there because there were no classes offered in english. They ended up coming to APNTS where all of the classes are taught in english. He is working on his Masters degree in ministry.

Jeff and Katie

Some of the people spent some time in the local neighborhood putting on a bible school for the children. We brought lots of gifts and toys centered around the lord and one of the guys brought puppets and put on a puppet show for the children.

Bible School for the Neighborhood Children

 In the afternoon most of the crew went on a shopping trip to another mall. Some of us stayed behind and worked on hanging more drywall in the Cobb Worship Center. After the others returned we all went out for a farewell dinner at a local restaurant called “Maxes”. One of the things they featured is a corn milk shake. Most of the menu was traditional Philippine food with fried chicken for anyone that did not want to be adventurous.

As our trip comes to the end we are all feeling a little tired but it is fulfilling to know we are doing gods work. In Philippians 2:13 it says “For it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose.”

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