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The Philippines, Day 9

November 5, 2011

Every morning it is up the 134 steps to the kitchen where we start off with prayer and breakfast. After breakfast one of the team members leads us in devotions and prayer for the day. This is a good reminder of the fact that we are here to serve God in whatever way we can and the work comes secondary to that call.

We finished what we could do on the New Life Mission center. This is a three-story building with apartments on the first floor, dormitory style living quarters on the second floor for future Work and Witness teams, and a kitchen and dining area on the third floor for the W&W teams to prepair their meals. There are also a couple of apartments on the third floor for couples.

New Hope Missionary Center

 We spent the rest of the day working in the Cobb Worship center. We helped cut and hang drywall while another group continued to tape and plaster seams on the drywall that was all ready hung.

Hanging Drywall

As our stay was coming to an end we were treated to lunch by the facility and students of Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary (APNTS). We had a great meal setting with the students and facility. After lunch we were each given a beautiful woven handbag as a reminder of The Philippines.

Lunch With APNTS Staff and Students

We were then treated to some games and stories from some of the students from places like India and Papua New Guinea (PNG). I met with James and Della who are from Papua New Guinea. Della comes from a village close to where I will be going when I leave the Philippines in PNG. James is a pastor here to further his education.

James & Della from PNG

After lunch it was back to work cutting, hanging and plastering drywall in the Cobb Worship Center. Then it was back up the 134 steps for dinner. Our guests were Jason and Karen Courtney the host missionaries for the Work and Witness team. They gave us an overview of how they ended up in the Philippines. They were never planning to missionaries but heard God’s call and could not resist. A great ending to a long day.

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  1. November 5, 2011 10:27 am

    The building is looking great! Be safe and keep doing God’s Work! (and keep the updates coming, too…)

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