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Alaska 2012

October 26, 2011

My plans for the summer of 2012 now include a trip to Two Forks, Alaska. We will be visiting the northern most Nazarene church in the world with a team from Wisconsin. The trip will include a lot or remodeling and updating of the church.  The church pastor recently visited Wisconsin and the following is a description of some of the struggles and prayers for the church that was shared with us by our team leader.

It seems this church has had quite a struggle recently. The boiler at the church quit and froze up unexpectedly last winter. It cost them over $8000, which they didn’t have, to replace the boiler. In fact, they are still trying to pay off the fuel bill from last winter. Times are tough at Two Rivers. Pastor Bob has asked the church members to bring their own tissue paper to place at the altar and toilet paper for the restrooms because they simply do not have the money to purchase those items at this time. They really need our help.

Many of the pictures of the inside of the church were very telling. The joints in the sheet rock in the restrooms have never been taped and finished, handrails are needed, the platform in the front of the church is to be removed, some carpet needs to be installed and a lot of painting. An outside handicap ramp needs to be built. There are also many things to repair or complete at the parsonage next door. Pastor Bob said it is a real blessing knowing that help is on its way and he is seeing great encouragement in the congregation. They are praying for the team and praising God.

Some of the people will be putting on a Vacation Bible School for the kids while we are there. This should be a great time and I am looking foreword doing God’s work in Alaska.

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