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The Philippines Day 8

October 22, 2011

It was up early so we could do some sight-seeing on the island of Palawan in the Philippines. We are scheduled to fly back to Manila this afternoon so we can continue our project in the Cobb Worship Center. Some of the people will be conducting Bible Study Classes in some of the local neighborhoods this week.

After a breakfast provided by the hotel, we finished packing for the trip back to Manila and loaded all of our luggage in the vans furnished by the travel company.

We motored around for several miles where we stopped at an old penal colony.

The Penal Colony

 The colony was built by the US when the Philippines were an US possession to house prisoners who staged and uprising against the government. It has not been used for many years except for some minimum security prisoners who are there on a work project.  This is a very large compound and there are a lot of rice fields there that are tended by the prisoners. We were taken to a large building where they sold crafts made by the prisoners. They also had a dance team who put on a dance for us as we browsed around the gift shop.

Crocodile Farm

After leaving the penal colony we then went to a crocodile farm. This is a place where they raise crocodiles that are endangered species and try to repopulate areas that are their original habitat. They have many crocodiles all the way from very young to many that are up to 8 feet in length. There are some botanical gardens and some exotic birds there. The park is open to tourist and the fees go to support their effort to preserve the crocodiles.

After leaving there we had one more stop at a store that sold many things but specialized in fresh water pearls. One last chance to shop before leaving for Manila. It was back to the airport for the short flight to Manila and then the long ride from the airport back to the Seminary.

Our guests for dinner were Darin and Jill. They are Free Methodist  missionaries from the US. He teaches New Testament and Greek while she helps out in the Library helping catalog books. They told us their story of how they got to the Philippines after spending time in Haiti as a child and Africa teaching while trying find out what God’s call was for them.

Darin and Jill

It felt good to get into our beds and know that we had seen the work of God on this small weekend adventure to Palawan Island and have been blessed by many story’s by pastors, teachers and students telling of their committment to serve the Lord in the lands where they reside.

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