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The Philippines a Poem

October 21, 2011

This is a poem I have written about the work and witness trip to the Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary in 2011. I went with a group of people from the Chicago Heights Church of the Nazarene and from several other states. As I am unable to post a group picture you will have to use your imagination.

The Philippines

It’s off to the Philippines where I must go
To do the Lords work and see His Show

The Chicago Heights Church led us there
We started in Chicago with weather so fair

We went to the church for services there
And started it off with a song and a prayer

With people from several other states at hand
To help with the work, with the Lord we stand

We went to Manila to the Nazarene school
For pastors who need to learn a new tool

The campus was built on the side of a hill
With the Nazarene Hall at the bottom so still

Every day we were up and off with a thrill
With the kitchen at the very top of the hill

With a hundred and thirty four steps to endure
We got our exercise, and that’s to be sure

Up the steps every breakfast, lunch and dinner
By the end of the day we felt we were thinner

We met the president who runs the place
He gave us a rundown on their goal of grace

The project there is much bigger in scale
Then any I have seen in all of its detail

The Neilson Center is five stories high
With the first and third floors pleasing to the eye

A place to worship God, the second floor
Is just barely started when you enter the door

The Cobb worship Center is its name
Nothing but cement, drywall and frame

With drywall to hang and walls to go up
We started with zeal like we were a pup
The first day we were there we had a surprise
Typhoon Nesat was just about to arrive

The wind it blew and it rained all night
We were snug in out bed’s and tucked in tight

In the morning it continued to rain some more
And the wind kept blowing from its back door

The worst was over, it was off to work
To do all of the jobs we dare not shirk

Some went to the library to catalog books
Others were washers and then there were cooks

With ceilings that were over twenty feet high
And scaffolding that seemed as high as the sky

A few brave souls climbed up there
To hang the board and mud so fair

Mostly of the rest of us stayed on the floor
Cutting and passing up material galore

Some of us took down some temporary walls
While others built storage rooms that were like stalls

Every day for lunch or dinner we met
Students and teachers to share their event

From China, Russia and Korea they came
The Philippines, Columbia and India the same

They told us their stories of how they got there
Their plans to go home and disciple their share

Then Saturday came and off we flew
To Palawan Island with sky so blue

The Chicago Heights Church had been there before
They helped finish a church with windows and door

We had Sunday service in the church there
With singing and preaching and time to share

We could feel His presence there that day
With nothing but praise for us to say

Then it was off to have some more fun
We got on a boat and headed for the sun

The South China Sea was all that was there
To Snake Island we went with time to spare

It had a coral reef and a beach we adored
So snorkeling we went with fish in a hoard

The lunch was unique with squid and sea weed
Smoked fish, cucumbers and rice indeed

And on the way back we toured other places
With gardens that showed God’s good graces

An old penal colony and a crocodile farm
Then it was off to leave the island of charm

Back to work for the rest of the week
With more tasks to do than we could speak

Bible school classes were held by some
For the people that lived in a nearby slum

With puppets and gifts for all who came
To show Gods graces and teach them the same

It was back to Chicago the team would prepare
With a stop in Hong Kong but I wasn’t there

I had my own plans where God had me sent
In Papua New Guinea my time will be spent

As always I was blessed to be part of the team
The Chicago Heights people have my esteem

The work was for Him, the God we adore
We hope we left memories for people to store

Lee C. Stevens
October 16, 2011

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  1. October 25, 2011 1:11 pm

    Lee Stevens, the POET CARPENTER!

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