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The Philipines Day 7 Continued, With Pictures

October 14, 2011

I have found a way to upload pictures so I updated this blog on November 1, 2011 with some of my pictures. I am now in Papua New Guinea were the internet service makes it difficult to upload pictures to the blog. So here is Day 7 continued:

Once we left the New Heights Church of the Nazarene on Palawan Island we went back to the Hotel and changed for a little fun. We were met with a driver and a van and were transported to a shop where we were able to rent snorkeling equipment and then off to the coast of the South China Sea. Here we boarded a boat with out ringers and headed out to sea.

The boat to Snake Island


We were taken around many small islands and landed on Snake Island where we had a cabana reserved by the travel company. There was a large sand beach on one side and a mangrove forest on the other side of the island. I went snorkeling while the travel company prepared lunch. There were hundreds maybe thousands of fish. Some were in large schools that swam like large flocks of birds going to and fro in the sea. Others were just swimming around looking for something to eat. There were many varieties with a lot of different colors. The coral around the swimming beach was not in good shape but as you moved away from the beach there were numerous types of coral with a variety of colors. Some of the people found large starfish (larger than your hand) that had large spines on their back.

The Starfish Found on the Beach

Squid for Lunch

Soon Lunch was ready and we all dug in, some more than others. The lunch consisted of smoked fish, squid, seaweed, cucumber salad and rice. It all seemed good to me but some people did not appreciate the squid with the tentacles and eyes staring at them. In the end all were filled up and then more swimming and snorkeling. After that it was back on the boat for a curse around some private islands and back to the coast. On the return trip to the hotel we stopped at a small park overlooking the bay with many flowers and a great view. We could see many fish farms in the lowlands next to the sea. We then stopped at a botanical garden with other tourist attractions. There were a large variety of plants and birds on display. There was a large garden of orchids with many foot paths to wander through the park.

Orchids in the Botanical Garden

Then it was back to the Hotel for a night’s rest. What a great day we had celebrating God’s wonders after worshiping Him with a dedicated group of Christen from the Philippines.

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  1. October 26, 2011 2:44 pm

    I am going to have to hook you up with an underwater camera for your next trip! I have a housing you can use with a digital or film camera… Sounds like you had fun- there are fewer and fewer places like that to snorkel.

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