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The Philippines Day’s 6-7

October 7, 2011

Well today we are off on another adventure. After breakfast we load up and head for the airport for a short flight to the island of Palawan just off the west cost of the main island. Before we get to the airport we stop for a little shopping at the Greenwood Shopping Center. This shopping center has three floors with hundreds of booths on each floor. They have everything from clothing to crafts, antiques, jewelry, locally grown pearls, woodworking, shoes, and about a million cell phone booths. There was even a Catholic Church in the mall holding services. We all had lunch there before heading to the airport. Saturday traffic was very bad, it seems that everyone goes out on saturday shopping.

We arrived in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan in the evening and were greeted by a number of people from the New Heights Church of the Nazarene.

Pastor Rofo playing a home made violin

They were here to welcome the people from the Chicago Heights Church of the Nazarene to Palawan. Many of the team were here several years ago and helped finish building the church so this is a welcome home for them. The Pastor of the church and several church members welcomed us at to the island. They provided transportation to the hotel where we were to stay for the next two nights. The hotel was small and we had two to five people to a room with a single bathroom for men and one for women to share. We had three in our room with two single beds and a cot. The good news is that we did have air conditioning. Breakfast was included in the price of $22.00 US dollars for each person for the two days. Breakfast was scrambled eggs, bread with peanut butter or cheese spread, and coffee.After breakfast we set out tor the New Heights church riding three-wheeled trikes with three people per trike.

Our Ride to the Church

New Heights Church of the Nazarene

We were introduced at each of the pastors from the four Nazarene churches on the island by Pastor Rofo who is in charge of the district.
After several songs pastor Rofo played a song on a home-made violin for us.
Then we were treated to a sermon by Dr. Brian Wilson the district superintend of the Chicago district.

Pastor Rofo playing a home-made violin

Doctor Wilson preached a sermon on the five kinds of grace:

1. Pervasive grace – The grace that goes before us.
2. Saving grace – The grace we receive when we accept Jesus as our saviour
3. Sanctifying grace – The grace we find out we need to live a holy life
4. Sustaining grace – The continuing growth in grace that allows to resist sin.
5. Glorifying grace – When we join Christ in heaven.
Day 7 to be continued in the next blog.
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