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The Philippines Day 5

October 4, 2011

Today was a busy day starting off with hanging drywall before breakfast. After breakfast it was my turn to do devotions. I shared with the group some of my experiences in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and my frustration with having to leave early due to a blood clot in my leg. Someone told me this week that being a good christen is like riding a tandem bicycle. Most of us want to set in the front and steer with God in the back following. What I must do is get in the back and keep peddling and let God do the steering. I need to trust the fact that God has a plan for me as he told Jeremiah in chapter 29:11.


We were given some unusual fruit for lunch today called rambutan. This fruit looked like a pink ball with spines all over it. The spines were soft and you remove the shell and find a sweet fruit that is like a grape with on large seed in the middle.

After lunch today we met two students from Russia, Demetre and Victoria. They are in their first semester here. They met in Mongolia at school and decided to come to APNTS because it offered the classes they wanted. He is studying to get a master’s degree in art and christen communications. Victoria is working on a PhD. so she can go back to Russia and start a kindergarten school.

They told us there are few christen’s in Russia and that a Russian church cannot have a pastor from outside Russia, so missionaries are prohibited from starting churches there.

Two of us worked on installing plugs and switches on the second and third floor of the New Life Mission Center (NLMC). Others worked on installing sinks in the kitchen. Several of the women on the team worked in the library sorting and covering books. Most of the rest of the team worked on hanging and muddling drywall in the Cobb Worship Center.

Working in the Cobb Worship Center

Our guests for dinner were students Haunduk and Yingzi from mainland China. Haunduk’s parents were Korean but living in China when he was born. His father is a pastor in China and he went to bible college for two years before coming here.

Yangzi was a Buddhist when she was younger when she wanted to go to bible school her parents resisted for a long time then finally let her go.
Well tomorrow it’s off to visit the island of Palawan.
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  1. October 5, 2011 11:40 am

    HI Lee,
    I am praying for you and for the work you are doing. Sounds like you are keeping sharp objects at bay, and that’s good! Take care and thanks for the update.


    • October 6, 2011 8:29 am

      Thanks for your support. Prayers are always welcome and by the way that was not my first typhoon, I was in one in Korea in the 1990’s. I am off to PNG tomorrow so wish me luck.

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