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The Philippines Day One & Two

September 28, 2011

It’s off to Manila in the Philippines on another work and witness trip with the Chicago Heights Church of the Nazarene. We all met in Chicago Heights at the church and attended morning bible study and then regular church service. We had a great sendoff with many prayers for the team.

We got  to the airport and everything went well and were off to Hong Kong which was out first stop. It was a 15 hour trip which is a long time to set on a plane, but all went well and we had a 2 hour layover there and then it was off to Manila, which is about a one and a half hour flight. We arrived there and made it through customs and immigrations with no problem. The local missionary was there to meet us with a bus and truck for the luggage. It was raining and we were told this was the front edge of a typhoon. Typhoon Pedring (international name Nesat) is now over the West Philippine sea. It rained all night and all of the next day with high winds, but not enough to do damage here in Manila. We were told it was still out to sea and should go north of us so we went to work as soon as we got up Tuesday morning.

Our project was to help work on the Cobb Worship Center, which is the second floor of the Neilson building at the Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary (APNTS). This school serves as a seminary for people throughout the area. They have students here from China, Russia, Columbia, Peru, Myanmar, Korea and of course the Philippines. Out of the over 100 students here there are 25 different denominations represented.

The Nielson Center

The campus is located on a hillside so everywhere you go is either up or down stairs with several of the buildings built on the side of hills. Our residence is in the Nazarene Hall at the bottom of the hill and the building project is half way up the hill and the kitchen where we have meals prepared is at the top of the hill. Someone counted and there are 134 steps to the top so we are all tried by the time we have to make the last trip up the stairs for supper in the evening.

Our missionary hosts are the Courtney’s, Jason, Karen, Ella, Ava and Nora.
Keep our team in your prayers as we continue to do God’s work.
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