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The Philippines

August 27, 2011

Philippines Flag

As I get ready to go tha Manila with the Work and Witness team from Chicago Heights Church of the Nazarene on September 25, 2011 I am getting excited. We will fly to Hong Kong then on to Manila where we will be working on the continued development of the Cobb Regional Educational Center which is still under development and the 2nd floor is now being scheduled for construction.

Here’s what the team will be doing.  Building a wall using metal framing, hanging drywall, mudding, installing a toilet and possibly sink, installing electrical conduit, transferring items from one storage unit to another, and possibly working on a special water project for the plumber.

Our plans also include Church and an exciting tour of some nearby islands starting at the island of Palawan.

The following is a description of our plans from our team leader. On Sunday we will worship at the New Heights Nazarene Church. This church was originally funded by the Chicago Heights Church and some individuals.  The church is pastored by the parents of Bethsy Luquingan. This church has mothered four other churches on the island.   A few years ago, the Chicago Heights Church sent a team to this location to complete the construction of the building. While there, we attended two Jesus film showings, one near the church and the other in a new neighborhood where a church has been planted.

The pastor and wife are Rufo and Judy Lomahon.  For those who have not met them, you will be turned on by their enthusiasm and commitments. Services Sunday will naturally commence with Sunday School at 9:00 and church around 10:00 Services will be concluded around 11:00.  I have strongly requested that services that day be on a normal schedule and have been assured that this is the case.
The closer we get the more elated I get in anticipation of the opportunity to do God’s work. It sounds like a fun and exciting time for the whole team. Please keep put our team and the team leaders in Manila in your prayers as the time moves closer.
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