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Off to the Philippines & Papua New Guinea (PNG)

July 19, 2011

I have finally gotten all of my reservations to go to the Philippines and on to Papua New Guinea (PNG). I will be going to Hong Kong then on to the Philippines with a Work and Witness team from Chicago Heights Church of the Nazarene on September 25. The project as described in the Work and Witness (W&W) website is as follows:
The continued development of the Cobb Regional Educational Center is still under development and the 2nd floor is now being scheduled for construction. It will be a wonderful and skillfully designed multi-purpose facility that will be used for worship services, campus events, conventions and conferences, and especially make an impact for use by the local, district, national and regional Church of the Nazarene events. APNTS offers a unique opportunity for student, faculty and local community involvement for all WW Teams and this project will quite possibly be the premier location for large-scale activities throughout the Philippines.

This project will take many W&W teams over the next few years.

What the Cobb Center will look like when finished

Another look at the interior









We finish up there on October 7 and the team will go to Hong Kong for a couple of days before returning to Chicago. I on the other hand will go on to Papua New Guinea help out the maintenance department at Kadjip Nazarene Hospital for a couple of months.

I am looking forward to returning to PNG and seeing all of my friends there. When I left PNG in April I was disappointed that I could not fulfill my committment and was forced to return home due to a blood clot from an injury received while working there. One of my friends reminded me of  what God said to Jeremiah in verse 29:11: “For I know the plans I have for you” Declares the Lord. It turns out that His plans were not the same as mine but I did not have the patients to wait and see what His plans were.

I hope I have learned to be patient and wait to see what He has in store for me in the future.

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