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Papua New Guinea (PNG) #3

March 19, 2011

Everything is moving forward here, the men from Samaritans Purse are here to hook up our new generator, x-ray machine and autoclave. Our Switch House is complete except for painting and they are mounting the electronic equipment in the house so they can connect the new generator.

Our New Caterpillar Generator

As March 17, 2011 the generator is in place and operational. We now have power within 2 minutes to the entire station and the Hospital has power within a few seconds of a power failure. The Men for Samaritans Purse have also installed a new turbine in our Hydro Plant. Once the Dam is rebuilt the station will be able to power it’s self from Hydro power and not use PNG power at all. This will be sometime in the future as rebuilding the dam which was washed out in a flood is a big and costly project.

Installing the New Turbine for the Hydro Plant

I had a chance to visit the Mumulka Church of the Nazarene where one of the missionaries was giving a sermon a few miles from Kadjip Hospital. The church was a small pole building with no benches but it filled up for the service and everyone set on the floor. The villagers donated fruit and vegetables to the missionary for his service. We all had a good time and enjoyed the fellowship with the local villagers.

Fruit and vegetables for the Missionary

Everywhere I have been in PNG the people are friendly and always seem to have a smile to pass on. You cannot go anywhere without getting many handshakes and “morning” which is their way of saying hello in the morning.

One of the missionaries and his wife hosted a hot dog roast for the maintenance department this week and we were able to get a group photo of all of the maintenance people. This is the crew I work with daily.

The Maintenance Crew

The great part of working with this crew is everyday starts out with some songs, devotions and prayer. God is alive and well here in PNG.

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  1. Bob Tharp permalink
    March 23, 2011 11:28 am

    Hi Lee! Thanks for posting on your blog. Its seems that I can’t remember to look at it regularly, so thanks for the ‘heads up’ you gave me on facebook.

    Wow- there is quite a maintenance crew for the hospital! Are these the same people responsible for cleaning/upkeep too?

    Good old concrete and block work! You have done that 1,000 times!

    Keep up the good work and keep the faith!

    Plan on coming to Coldwater with your slideshow when you get back!

    We miss you around here, but know that you are doing great things over there in PNG.

    Is there anything you need? Want us to send you some ‘comfort food’ or something???

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