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Papua New Guinea (PNG) #2

March 3, 2011

Well things are going along here. I am learning my way around and starting to remember some of the people’s names. My Pigeon lessons continue, but sometimes it seems I will never learn to speak or understand the language here. I continue to rely on Gods help because is says through Him you can do anything. Check out the link to Kadjip Nazarene Hospital to the right of the blog. It will give you an idea of what the hospital does and is all about.

Kadjip Nazarene Hospital Station

I have been assigned to help the maintenance department build a small block building that will house a switching station. The station will automatically switch to a generator when the power supplied by the PNG power company goes off-line. This happens often and currently it is a manual operation that takes up to half an hour.

Switch house foundation

The building is about 2.5 Meters square with lots of re-rod to make it solid. The gravel for the cement comes from the river near by and is screened to the size needed for the project.

Poring the concrete footings


Once the foundation was in then we had to add cement blocks to bring the building above grade level and then back fill, compact for a floor. Then it is cement blocks all the way up to the roof level.

Compacting Soil for the Floor

The Hospital also has a College of Nursing on the station. February was the end of a term and on February 26, 2011 they had a graduation service. There were 22 students that received Nursing degrees. Some of them will stay at Kadjip and work in the hospital, some will return to their home villages and some will take jobs at other hospitals in PNG. It was a great day for the college and the Nazarene Church.

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