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Papua New Guinea (PNG) # 1

February 15, 2011

Well after all of these months I am finally in Papua New Guinea (PNG).What a wonderful place, I am near Mt. Hagen which is in the Western Highlands. The altitude here is around 5,000 Feet or 1,500 Meters above sea level. The Kadjip Nazarene Hospital is on a plato surrounded by mountain ranges. If you wanted to find us we are 6 degrees South of the equator and at 144 degrees East on the map.

East view from Kadjip station

 The hospital has four large wards with many doctors, staff and missionaries living on the station. The station is over a half mile in-depth with housing for all of the missionaries and many of the local people who work on the station. There is also a nursing college on the station. I was given one half of a duplex with kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom and television room (there is no television service here so it’s dvd’s or VCR tapes if you have them). The bungalow is nicely furnished with everything I should need.

My house at Kadjip in PNG

The local language of PNG is pidgin english. I have started to study pidgin and have one hour a day class with lots of homework. Here is an example: I am going home; Mi go long haus bilong mi. There are a lot of words that sound like english but are spelled different.

I have started to work in the maintenance department where I am helping to build a small block building to house an electrical switching station between a new generator and the incoming PNG power.

The weather here is great, warm in the day and cool in the night and almost the same every day. It does rain often here, but so far mostly at night. This is like a paradise, praise be God.

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  1. Kevin Young permalink
    February 19, 2011 7:17 pm

    it sounds wonderful! Maybe someday I will be able to see it! Right now even if I can not be with you my prayers are!

    • February 19, 2011 7:29 pm

      Thanks for your prayers, God has truly blessed me and He will do the same for you if you have faith. God Bless.

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