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Papua New Guniea (PNG) via Australia #3

January 16, 2011

Well I am still in Australia but have hope of getting my work permit to go to PNG to do maintenance work at the Kadjip Nazarene Hospital. The last report was that it should be approved soon. I continue to pray for God to direct me to where He wants me to do His work, so I can only assume it is in Australia for the time being.

It’s finally stopped raining in Brisbane for a few days at least. We have received over 22 inches of rain sence I arrived on December 9 th., fortunately the Nazarene Theological College where I am staying is on high ground and is not liable to flood. The same cannot be said for towns in Queensland like Toowoomba where a flash flood raced through the town washing away cars and people.  Our prayers go out to the thousands of people in Queensland who are now forced out of their homes due to flooding.

To escape the rain last week I went to northern Australia in the town of Cairns (pronounced Cans?) where I visited the rain forest as well as the Great Barrier Reef. It was about a 90 minute boat ride to the reef where I went snorkeling for several hours. The sights are amazing and the fish are abundant, another great day.

Boat to the Reef


Great Barrier Reef

I also went to the town of Kuranda which is up in the mountains near Cairns. Kuranda is in a large rain forest along the northern coast of Australia. I rode at train up a windy mountain track to the top of the mountain. On the way we could see many beautiful sights of the city below and several waterfalls. The train went over many bridges and 14 tunnels to get to the top.

Water falls on the trip to Kuranda

There were many colorful birds and other animals as well as a butterfly house in Kuranda. This whole area is a protected forest and wildlife area. The trip back was on a sky rail were we rode above the rainforest in a gondola. This gave us a spectacular view from above all of the trees.

One of many butterfly's


Kula Bear


Please continue to pray for the people of eastern Australia. There have been 16 deaths so far with about the same number of people missing. There are many thousand people flooded out of their homes and many of them have lost everything. This flood is on the scale of hurricane Katrina in the USA several years ago and will take many years to recover.

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