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Papua New Guinea (PNG)

November 5, 2010

November 5, 2010

Well my next adventure for God will be in Papua New Guinea (PNG). This is a group of  islands north of Australia and just south of the equator in the south Pacific.

Papua New Guinea

Nazarenes have been there for many years serving God as missionaries and providing a hospital for the people of Papua New Guinea (PNG). I have applied through the Nazarene Mission Corps for a position in the maintenance department of the Kadjip Nazarene Hospital in Mt. Hagen, PNG. This is a town in the center of the island in an area called the highlands because it is over 4,500 Ft. above sea level.

Kadjip Nazarene Hospital, Mt. Hagen, PNG

I am now waiting for the permits necessary to go to PNG. I am in hopes of going there around the first of December, but when you are dealing with a foreign government it is hard to guess the timing. This is a long trip and I will be going through Australia to get there. The good news is I will have some time in Australia to do some sightseeing on the trip there. Here are some pictures of PNG that I got from the internet. It lets you know this is a lush beautiful country with many things to see.

The Highlands

Beautiful River

Just looking at the pictures makes me feel ready to get started. The plan is for me to be there from six months to a year. God has surly blessed me to allow me to carry His word and do His work in one of his greatest creations. Please keep me in your prayers and I will continue to report my progress. May the Lord bless you all.

Please feel free to share your comments on this or any of my W&W trips.

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