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Haiti 2010 #2, Day 3

October 26, 2010

October 14, 2010
It’s up a 4:00 AM for breakfast. We have devotions each day after breakfast, pray, clean up the mess and load up in the truck for the bumpy ride to the church site. The medical team will go to the clinic this morning where they will find a line of people waiting for medical help.

Our Ride to the Church Site

We arrive at the church and start where we left off yesterday. One crew building benches, one painting and the rest of us working on the roof. We have all of the roof trusses up and are working on the stringers. By 9:30 we have all of the stringers up on one side and are able to start putting on the metal roof.

Starting to attach the Roof

In order to make the building safe from earthquakes and hurricanes the walls have steel reinforcement bars, the roof trusses are bolted to the walls and the stringers are held on to the trusses with steel rods. All of the roof material is held on with screws. The objective is to make the church a refuge for the local people in the event of storms or earthquakes.

The roof goes on quickly.

The longer we are here the more local people show up and join in helping with the work. The benches are now complete and the people working on them join the paint crew. By early afternoon one side of the roof is finished and the other side under way. Today is a sunny day and it must be around 90 deg. and much hotter for the people working on the roof. We all drink a lot and are drenched in sweat. 

Finished Benches Ready for the Church

One Side Done

There is a church service scheduled for five thirty this afternoon to celebrate the opening of the church and dedicate it to our Lord. As we get close to completion many of the local women start cleaning up so the benches can be brought in the church for the service. The men put the finishing touches on the roof we have many people painting in hopes of getting everything done before the service.

Cleaning up the Mess

Putting on the finishing touches

As we are finishing up the local people carry in the benches and start to gather for the afternoon service. One of the last items to be done is to hang the sign on the front of the church and hang a cross behind the altar.

Hanging the Church of the Nazarene Sign

We were joined by the medical team for the service. They have seen about 60 people today and will return to the clinic for a couple of hours tomorrow. People start gathering in the church while we are still finishing and start singing hymn. This church will serve as a village meeting place, a school-house, a refuge from storms as well as a Church of the Nazarene. After six years of prayers we felt blessed to be used by God as a tool to answer their prayers. As it started to get dark we had a service where the building was dedicated to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the father God.

1 Chronicles 5:20
He answered their prayers, because they trusted in him.

The Service With the Local Pastor and our interpreter, Frantz

What a fitting end to a great day.

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