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Haiti 2010, #2, Day 1

October 25, 2010

October 12, 2010

Well it’s back to Haiti with a group of Nazarenes from the Tennessee district. I am happy to be able to return here to provide a little assistance. My heart goes out to the people of Haiti because of the amount of devastation and poverty there, yet I find a spirit in the people who reflect the faith they have in Jesus Christ and His Heavenly Father. This team is made up of a medical team and a construction team. We will be traveling to a remote village of Blecke in the south-eastern mountains of Haiti. We will be very close the Dominican Republic.

As usual it’s up at 3:00 AM with a two-hour drive to Detroit Metro Airport. From there I fly to Miami where I meet the team for Tennessee.

The Tennessee Work and Witness Team

We arrive in Part Au Prince in the late afternoon and have a bus waiting to take us to the Nazarene Theological College where we would spend the night in the Work and Witness headquarters on campus. We see many of the people still living in tents due to the earthquake and there is still many buildings down and much debris to be cleaned up.

College Entrance

We met with the Assistant Work and Witness Coordinator, Jennifer Lester, who is a volunteer working in the Caribbean Region. Because of the earthquake she is spending most of her time in Haiti hosting W&W teams.

Work and Witness Assistant, Jennifer Lester

Our Home for the Night

Once we unloaded and had supper we repacked for the trip the Blecke the next morning. We also had to load all of the tools and equipment we would need for the building project. We are told it is a 5 hour ride tomorrow so we must get up early so we have time to get some work done in the afternoon.

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