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South Africa Day 14 and 15 The End

October 22, 2010

September 24 and 25, 2010

Today is out last day in South Africa. It’s up at six to pack and leave to return to the Nazarene College in Johannesburg. It’s an all-day trip with a couple of sightseeing stops on the way. The first stop is at a place called the Potholes, so named after the natural erosion by a river of an area that appears to be sandstone mixed with other harder rock formations. This caused a narrow deep gorge that appears to have many potholes at the bottom. More of God’s handiwork.

Bridge over the Gorge

Potholes at the Bottom of the gorge

Waterfalls Above the gorge

After we all marveled at this awesome sight we were off again to a place called God’s Window. This is a scenic overlook from the top of a mountain that has a sheer drop of several thousand feet. Because of the direction the wind hits the face of the mountain and moves up the face until it reaches cooler air causing condensation which provide moisture in the dry climate allowing a jungle like growth at the top of the mountain. It’s difficult to capture the beauty of this due to the haze in the air.

Walking to the Top of the Mountain Through the Jungle Like growth

A View From God's Window

In the parking area was a market with local crafts and souvenirs so it was some last-minute shopping and then we were off for the final drive to the college.

The Marketplace

We stayed overnight at the college and then up early and off to the airport for the 18 hour flight back to the US. We were all tired but thankful that we were able to help the Nazarene College with some security and maintenance issues, meet many of the students, faculty and staff, interact with some of the local people and share worship with them.

A special thanks to our missionaries, Denise, Phil, Makenzie and Morgyn Anderson and to Carolyn and Anton Hol for their help and hospitality on this Work and Witness Trip. It’s people like this that are willing to give up a normal life to be a worker for God and spread the word of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

The Anderson Family

Carolyn and Anton Hol

They have answered the call of  Luke 10:2 “He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

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