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South Africa Day 9

October 21, 2010

September 19, 2010
Today is sunday so it’s off to sunday school and church in the Chapel at the Nazarene College center. We had sunday school taught by one of the visiting missionaries, Sheri Kommel. The lesson was on spiritual gifts and how to use them for God’s benefit.

The Chapel

Local Sunday School Kids

Several of our team members provided music and singing for the morning service. The church message was about Elijah from 1 Kings. The message was delivered by Pastor Cathy Lebese who is the local pastor at the college.

Chicago Heights Singers

Pastor Cathy Lebese

After the service we went out to dinner at the Carnivore restaurant. This is a restaurant that serves many types of meat from Africa. It had a large barbecue pit with many kinds of meat being cooked on spits.

The Carnivore restaurant

They would continue to bring meat as long as anyone wanted more. Each type of meat was served on a spit and the waiter would bring it to the table and ask if you wanted more, if yes he would put it on your plate.

Waiter serving one of the many meat selections

In addition to soup and salad we were served chicken wings, potatoes, pork sausage, kudu sausage, kudu meat balls, chicken breast, chicken giblets, pork ribs, crocodile, zebra, eland, impala, beef and lamb. Once we were finished with the meat we were given mulva pudding for desert.

The barbecue Pit

After a great meal it was back to the campus to pack for out safari. Only room for each of us to take one bag for the next four days.

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