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South Africa Day 10

October 11, 2010

September 20
We are off today to see some country side and hopefully see some wild animals. As we travel north-east the terrain gets hilly as we come closer to the mountains. We are headed for Tshukudu Bush Camp and the Kruger National Park. As we get closer to our destination we make a stop at The Blyde River Canyon. This is the third largest canyon in the world. We stop at a scenic lookout on the top rim of the canyon.

Blyde River Canyon - The Three Rondavels

The Three Rondavels are the three mountains that look like native huts which are called rondavels. There is a river at the bottom of the canyon and a large lake which is used for water and irrigation of the local farms and orchards.

Blyde River Canyon Lake

There is a small market in the parking lot of the canyon overlook so we do a little souvenir shopping before we are on out way.

After about an 8 hour trip we arrive at the Tsukudu Game Park where we will spend the next four days. After a little lunch and some rest we  leave on a short safari in the Tsukudu Game Park. This is a 5000 ha game reserve of unspoiled bush that adjoins the Kurger National Park. They have many species of wild game as well as rehabilitated (orphaned) animals.

Tshukuda Bush Camp

Our first encounter with wildlife is in the dinning area were we are introduced to Ntombi, one of four cheetahs that have been taken in by the park to keep them from being destroyed. They are very friendly if you don’t aggravate them they love attention.

Ntomby the Cheetah

At four in the afternoon we went on safari riding in special safari vehicles we have a great view of the surroundings as we tour the camp.

Off on Safari

We were blessed to see many animals this first evening. They included kudu, monkeys, baboons, lions, cape buffalo, hypo, rhino. guinea fowl, impala, steembeckie, and elephants.

One of Many Close Encounters

The "King"

Then it was to a small pond with Hippopotamus and wild birds to see the African sunset.

God's Work at its Finest

Then back to camp for a fine meal of ostrich, beef, pork ribs salad, vegetable and desert. We are truly blessed.

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