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South Africa 2010 Days 6 and 7

October 1, 2010

September 16 and 17 

“Dear Children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.” 1 John 3:18. Well there is a lot of love and action going on this week. We are continuing to work on the security fence and many other tasks. 

To help provide security they have cut down most of the trees and brush along the fence to give them a clear view. Because of this there are many stumps left. They have a stump grinder and the objective is to remove all of the stumps so they can mow the grass and prevent more trees from growing up to restrict the view. 

Grinding Stumps

With one half of the line posts in the fence was rolled out and pulled tight with a winch on the Toyota. Unfortunately the end post that was part of the original fence broke off at the bottom and it took half a day to replace the post. The good news was there were lots of other things to do so we still felt we could complete the fence on time. 

Stretching the Fence with a Toyota

While we were working on the fence there was another crew painting. They started by painting the inside of some of the buildings on campus. 

Some of the Painting Crew

More Painters

The inside painting was completed and they were now working on painting metal stairways on the outside of the building. They were rusty and flaking so they had to be scraped and wire brushed before painting. Once that was done they were painted with a rust inhibitor paint. 

Painting the Stairs

    Doing God’s work is not always fun but is always rewarding. At noon of the third work day some of the local people, facility and the college students had a church service. There was a guest pastor with a great message for the students about knowing your people as friends not just a parishioners.   

Wednesday Noon Service

Watching the enthusiasm of the students and facility was an inspiring experience. When it came to prayer time everyone prayed out loud at the same time. The chapel was filled with thanks to God from every corner. 

We continue to work on the fence, fastening the mesh fence to the line posts. 

Attaching Fence to Line Posts

 Once the fence was attached to the posts we start attaching the razor wire to the fence with wire ties. Some of the students would come by and help as they had time available. 

Razor Wire

Attaching Razor Wire to Fence

By the end of day seven we were about half done with the razor wire. Tomorrow is Saturday so we will have some extra help from some of the students and missionary. 

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