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South Africa 2010 Day 4 and 5

September 29, 2010

September 14 & 15, 2010     

Our first full day at the Nazarene Theological College was bright and sunny. It turns out every day is that way. They have not had rain sence last March so things were dry. The altitude in this area is around 5,500 feet above sea level. We had a chance to look around the campus before we started work. This was a resort that went out of business and was purchased by the Nazarene Church to be used as a college. There is also a convention center that is very busy with some of the proceeds going to help support the college.     

College Chapel


Dining and Meeting Facility


 We met the missionaries, Phil and Denise who are stationed at the College and Anton and Carolyn who have traveled around Africa coordinating work project for the Nazarene Churches for over 13 years. We also met both support people and students at the college.    

Missionaries Phil and Denise


Missionaries Anton and Carolyn


 As things moved along we received our work assignments. Some of us were to work replacing a 400 meter long section of the security fence along the back of the property where they had experienced some break-ins due to the poor condition of the fence. Another group was designated to paint some class rooms and stairways. There was a kitchen crew to prepare meals and clean up and a laundry crew of one to keep us in clean cloths. We also had an electrician and plumber that would fix a number of things on campus that were not working.     

 We started on the fence. Some of the post were set in place and more to be set. We dug holes for main support posts and inserted posts and filled the holes with cement. This was hard work as the ground was so hard we had to pour water in the holes to soften up the soil so we could dig. Another crew started driving in line posts to support the two meter high mesh fence. This also proved to be a difficult task do to the hard ground. Thank God for the younger men that worked on this task.   

Setting Posts in Cement


  The next step was to weld braces to the posts to prevent them from pulling out when we stretched the fence.     

Preparing the Corner Post for Welding


 Once the posts were set and all braces welded they then needed painted to prevent rust.      

Main Posts Painted and Ready for Fence


 While this was happening there were many other task being done. Some were painting rooms and others were repairing things like stoves, driers and plumbing.      

Repairing Some Plumbing Problems


  We were then invited to attend a concert featuring the Drakensberg Boys Choir. They are a world-famous singing group from a Drakensberg, South Africa boys school.     

Drakensberg Boys Choir


A Christian singing group accompanied by a quartet of older boys singing many Christian songs. They were the highlight of the evening. Then back to campus for some well needed rest.   

 There is something about working with a group of dedicated christians that let you know that God is all around us and we should count our blessings. “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Jesus Christ to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10.

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