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South Africa 2010, Days 1-3

September 27, 2010

September 11, 2010 

I took my dog off at my son’s house. While I am gone they will take care of her. I then drove to Chicago Heights where I met some friends who invited me to stay the night. We went out to supper and then off to bed. 

Sandy the Dog

September 12, 2010 

Up at 5:00 AM loaded the bags and it was off the Church of the Nazarene in Chicago Heights. We loaded everything on the Church bus and a couple of vans and left for the airport. There were twenty of us Going to South Africa to help out with some maintenance issues on the Campus of the Nazarene theological College near Johannesburg, South Africa. 

South African Airways

Flew from Chicago to Washington D.C. where we boarded South Africa Airlines for Africa. We flew to Dakar in Senegal where we landed to drop off and pick up more passengers. We were not allowed to leave the plane. Then after a wait we were off to Johannesburg. 

September 13, 2010 

We landed in Johannesburg at 5:00 PM. With a seven hour time difference from Chicago and an eighteen hour flight from Washington we were all tired. By the time we got the College had some dinner and unpacked we were all ready for bed. 

College Dorn Where We Slept

The Workers Are Us

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