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Haiti, The Last Day

June 25, 2010

May 28, 2010
This will be our last full day in Haiti. Tomorrow we fly back to the USA and Canada and are able to return to a normal life. We will all take back a view of Haiti that we should try to pass along to our own country that even though we do not hear a lot about Haiti in the news any more, there is still a lot of work to be done and the people of Haiti cannot do it without our help. We must all continue to rally help for these people who are in desperate need. The faith in God here is high with the highest number of Christians I have seen anywhere. Let’s show them that through us we can do Gods work and be the answer their prayers.
We are up this morning and are asked to help out in the Work & Witness headquarters workshop. The workshop is here to fabricate things to support the rebuilding Churches and building things to support the W&W efforts and new churches in Haiti. They have a metal fabricating shop where they build steel trusses for church roof’s and a woodworking shop for building furniture and benches for Churches.   We were given one task of finishing some desks they had built for the Office.     


Finishing a Desk

The next task was to paint some steel trusses to prevent them from rusting. These trusses were to put a new roof on one of the Churches that was damaged by the earthquake.       

Painting Trusses

Several of us were assigned to the woodworking shop to take one by tens boards, a little over ten feet long, cut them to ten feet in length. The final product would be seats and backs for Church benches.       

Cutting Church Benches to Length

The next step was to cut the square corners of at an angle so they did not have sharp corners then use a router and put a radius on all of the edges on both sides of the boards to prevent slivers.       

Rounding off the Edges

  After that the boards had to be sanded smooth.      

One of the Local Boys Helping

Once they were sanded then they needed to be varnished to protect then from the elements. We were able to work until early afternoon when it started to rain and we were forced to put everything away. The University did sustain damage to their block fence and were still in the process of repairing that with a crew of hired workers. Fences are necessary to provide security and keep people from camping on the property.       

Repairing the Fence

While we were doing this part of the team set up a dental clinic in one of the campus buildings to treat some of the local people who needed dental work. After lunch we got cleaned up and were treated to a bus ride to the top of a mountain overlooking the city of Port A Prince.       

View of Port A Prince from the Mountain Top

There were also a gathering of artists at the top of the Mountain selling paintings, sculptures and other local art objects.       

Some Local Art

Then it was back to the Campus for supper. We were treated to a last supper the W&W headquarters. It was a traditional Haitian meal fixed by the cook and housekeeper. It was delicious and a fitting end to out trip.      

A great meal to end our trip

We had good fellowship with the team and the W&W staff  then it was off to bed. In the morning it was pack up and leave for the airport. We had to go through 4 security checks which included two body searches. We all made it and had a good trip home.      

Please think of the people from Haiti in you prayers and consider joining one of the many scheduled trips to Haiti this year with one of the Nazarene Churches. You can find information of upcoming trips by going to the following website.       

Please feel free to leave a comment on this site. Your input is always appreciated. Thank You and God Bless.

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