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Haiti Day 6

June 21, 2010

May 27, 2010
Up at 5:00 AM. We loaded the rest of the gear on the truck, had a granola bar for breakfast. Pastor Leonel from Baie d’Orange said a prayer for safe travel for the team. We have all three flat tires repaired and put some foam mattresses on the wood benches for some padding. 

 Several of the people from the village came along to make sure we were able to get up the hills leaving the village. The road was wet and slippery due to rain every day. We got to the first hill and the truck could not get enough traction to get to the top so everyone got out and pushed. With the help of the villagers we made it to the top and all of us climbed back in the truck. We were off again until we got to the next hill. It was the same drill again. Get out, push and then back in at the top.   

Pushing up the Hill

 The next hill had a sharp left turn half way up and in spite of all pushing we could not get it around the corner. They tied ropes to the front of the truck so some people could pull while others pushed, but we could not budge the truck.  

The Truck is Stuck

 We had a small four-wheel drive pickup truck but it was behind us so they decided they would try to get it around the large truck so they could use it to pull.   

Around the Truck

 We used several lengths of rope between the trucks and between the small truck pulling and us pushing we were able to get the truck to the top of the hill. After that we made it to the rocky road where traction was better. Then is was down the mountain road, across the rivers and back to the park on the south coast of the Golf where we stopped for lunch. Some of us went wadding and some went swimming in the Golf.  

A View from the Mountain Road

 Then we were off to Port A Prince. The journey only took nine hours so by the time we got back and unloaded the trucks, took a shower it was time for supper. The view was colorful but it still amazed me the destruction from the earthquake. 

A City Bus

  We went out for pizza, hamburgers and ham crapes at a local restaurant then we spent the rest of the evening sitting around and enjoying the company.

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