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Haiti Day 5

June 19, 2010

May 26, 2010  We are up again early for breakfast and after breakfast we set up the dental clinic again. Many more people show up than can be treated. There are a lot of discussion about who should get treated and the local people finally resolved it and put all of the people in the order they will be treated.  

The Crowd Grows

Then a cloud moved in and covered the village in a matter of minutes. You could not see ten feet and the mood got gloomy. The dentist asked the people waiting to sing a song, but they said no, so he said if you don’t sing he will stop seeing people. They all started to sing and once it got started they perked up and sang for 2 hours. Everyone knew the songs by heart. There were no song books or music, but even though we did not know the language the music was beautiful.  

We broke for lunch and then it was my turn to work in the community garden. There was a horticulturist with us on the trip. He has been visiting small villages in the hills teaching the people to grow community gardens so they might have a continual supply of food. He shows them how to tear the soil so it won’t erode when it rains. He also teaches them when to plant and how to care for the crops.  

One of the Village Garden's

 We all spent some time helping to plant or weed the garden.  

Weeding Potatoes and Carrots

We also found they were growing corn, cabbage, peas as well as potatoes and carrots. They had over three acres of garden and each of the villagers that work in the garden would get a share of the produce.   

Some of the Villagers with some of our Team

 Several of the team spent time with the children of the village playing soccer and other games.  

Games with the Children

 At the end of the day we packed what we could, had supper and went to bed. The dental clinic treated over eighty people and pulled about 250 teeth and we helped weed the garden. 

We originally had planned to help finish a cistern, but it was not complete enough for us to do the finish cement work. This will have to wait for another day. 

The Village Cistern

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