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Chile, the Last Days

April 18, 2010

March 16, 2010   

We all feel blessed after a wonderful weekend and are ready to get back to work. With the wall build and only needing a cement cap and the floor completed for the second story it is time to start building the outer walls for the rooms.  

The First Wall

The stairs to the second floor are not complete, which makes it easier to bring things up and down.   


We find the plans change daily and the contractor, Diego does not speak much english. We continue to work though a translator which makes things more difficult.   

We finally get the reinforcement need to pour the top cap on the brick wall just in time to get it done before dinner.   

March 17, 2010   

With the brick wall complete we can now build all of the partitions for the bedrooms and meeting room.   

Starting the Walls

More changes so we must go back and move some doorways and some window locations. In spite of this we continue to make progress.   

More Walls

The stage is now finished and stained. A contractor came and layed the carpet today. One more project completed.   

Stage with New Cross

The Rest of the Stage

This was the first time I realized some of the team members were working on painting the sunday school room above the Church. What a surprize to find we have a group of talented painters. The walls were painted with a beautiful mural.   

Sunday School Room


This is our last day here at the Church. We finish what we can and what is left will have to be completed by the Church and the Contractor.   

Most Walls Up and Some Trusses in Place

Just before we leave for Santiago and the trip home we have a short service and dedication of the work done.   

The Team at the Dedication

Then it’s off to Santiago for a day of sightseeing before we board an airplane for home. This certainly has been a rewarding experience. Like all of these W&W trips it’s hard to see who gains the most. The people in Chile get a little help in furthering the Kingdom but we learn how blessed we are and also find out how faith can support people though the worst of times.   

We found the people of Chile to be generous, friendly and seemed to welcome us with open arms where ever we went. We also find no matter where we go we find that God has been there before us. I said goodbye to the group from Chicago Heights at the Atlanta Airport and headed for my winter home in Arizona. I had yet another blessing from the team. I was invited to join another Chicago Heights W&W team going to South Africa in September, 2010.  God’s work is never done.  

Blessings to everyone and please feel free to comment on this blog or any of the articles. I always enjoy hearing from others and hope this may inspire others to do God’s Work.

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  1. Elena Everts permalink
    July 12, 2016 4:45 pm

    I am so happy to find out how far along the church has come, in their first petitions to our Lord for a new sanctuary!! My name is Elena Everts. My maiden name is Sampelayo, and my father is from Chile. I lived in Chile for two years in the 60s, and wanted to always return, which finally happened in 2002, and again in 2003. I had reached out to the Nazarene headquarters in 2001, I think, to put the Vina del Mar Nazarene church on the list of W&W projects, after visiting in 2001/02. I knew the Lord had a W&W plan for that area, somehow, and when I got to the church, right as you walk through the door, a plan for the new sanctuary was posted. God bless you all for following through with the plans for this church!

    • July 19, 2016 9:33 pm

      I am always happy to hear from readers. I am grateful for the opportunity to help out in Chile and on other projects around the world. God has blessed us and we continue to serve Him.

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