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Chile, Day 8

April 15, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010 

Today we will be going the Valparaiso Church of the Nazarene for Sunday services. When I came down in the morning my host Carman had prepared some kind of tamale with corn, honey and onion in a corn husk. It was very good. She told me they would also be taking a bus to the Valparaiso Church for services this morning. 

The house is only about five blocks from the Vina del Mar Church so I have been walking there each morning where we have breakfast. We practice the songs we will sing in the service this morning and then it’s on a bus for Valparaiso. 

Valparaiso is also a large city on a bay of the Pacific Ocean. When we arrived they had setup the Church for  an outside service. We had a view of the bay where you could see cruse ships, fishing boats and many freighters. Many of the people from the Vina del Mar Church arrived by bus to take part in the service. 

Cruse Ships in the Bay

We were introduced and we sang the songs we had practiced. They had also prepared a program with both the English and Spanish words to the songs they would be singing in the service. Pastor Keith from the Chicago Church preached the sermon on Acts: 16: 27-34 and the missionaries translated it to Spanish. 

The youth group from the Vina del Mar Church put on a short play depicting how Jesus can save you from your sins and protect you from the Devil. 

Youth from Vina del Mar Performing

The Church from Chicago was presented with painting of the Last Supper as a thanks for the team coming to Chile to help update the buildings as well as spreading the Gospel while doing relief work for some of the earthquake victims. 

The Last Supper Presentation

After the service we were treated with a performance from an award-winning National Dance Team doing Chilean National dances. 

Men in Full Dress

One of Chile's National Dances

Then it was lunch at the church. After we said goodby to everyone we headed back to Vina del Mar. This afternoon we will take a tour or the city and see some of the sights. We went to a castle near the beach called Castel Wollf. Inside the castle is now a museum. 

Castel Wollf

We then went to the town center where there is a giant clock made from flowers. 

Flower Clock

After out tour we stopped at a restaurant overlooking the Pacific for a great supper. Then it was back to the Church and home for the night.

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