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Chile, Day 7

April 10, 2010

March 13, 2010

We are excited today. We will be going south to the city of Llo Lleo (Jo-Jayo) To meet some of the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. We have purchased several hundred dollars worth of medicine and many of the group brought clothing to hand out. We also have some supplies for babies along with some crafts for children.   

We were accompanied by many of the youth from the Vina del Mar Church of the Nazarene. They will be entertaining many of the children from the town.   

Pastor & Youth from Vina del Mar

We all went by bus along the coast south to Llo Lleo. We could see some damage from the earthquake when entering the town, such a bridges down and damage to many buildings.   

Bridge Down from the Earthquake

We met one of the local women from the Civic Center who would host us while we were in town. She lived in the Witch district of town. We could see signs in windows and other ornaments for Witches.   


We then got on the bus and headed for some of the damaged areas of town. We found many people living in tents in city parks and in vacant lots. There were many large apartment buildings in the area that were damaged from the earthquake and will have to be torn down and replaced because the foundations were damaged.   

Damaged apartment

Tent City

We started talking with some of the people who were living in tents and found most of them had lost their house or apartment due to the earthquake. The government had provided some tents and they were getting some food. Each of the areas we visited had a single cooking area for the entire area. These consisted of a part of a barrel and a grate. They were burning wood or charcoal for a fire.  

Tent City Cooking Area

We visited more tent cities and continued to pass out medicine, cloths and other needed items. We also witnessed to the people and were able to bless and pray for three people who accepted Jesus Christ as their personal saviour.  

Pastor & Youth with new Christen

We then wint to the Community Center where it had been announced on the radio that we would be there. Many people showed up and we gave out all of the rest of out medicine, cloths and other products.  

At the Community Center

We then went to a nearby neighborhood where we hosted a party for the children. Several of the Church Youth dressed up in Clown costumes, we had music and there was singing, dancing and games for the children. We witnessed to the adults and then helped as the children were given craft kits.  

Children’s block party


A good time was had by all. 

Children lined up to get craft kits

After that we loaded up and headed for Vina del Mar. On the way out of the city we were again reminded of the destruction cause by the earthquake. The people of Chile continue to suffer and need both out prayers and our help. 

We stopped in the town of Cartagena for supper and found a nice restaurant on the beach. We were able to take some time to walk on the beach. Another reminder of what a beautiful country we found in Chile.  

Beautiful beach

What a nice end to a blessed and rewarding day.

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